Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Full aft Stick or Yoke ... a Panic Reaction

Is Colgan Air the only example of a professional pilot reacting in panic to a stall or stall warning, pulling the controls aft, and locking the airplane hopelessly in a stalled state until ground contact?

Hardly: West Caribbean MD-82 in 2005, Air France A-330 in 2009, Pinnacle CRJ-200 in 2004, Air New Zealand A-320 2008. Shocking isn't it? Understanding of the stall and practice of full stalls and oscillation stalls (in appropriate aircraft) is part of proper upset recovery training. Understanding comes and, most importantly, fear leaves. What pilot in his "right mind" would have caused these accidents? Pilots with panicked minds did. What a shame and an embarrassment.

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